Brad Cerasani


Brad Cerasani is a designer, photographer, and obsessive organizer from Winnipeg, Canada. He sold musical instruments at Quest Musique in Winnipeg for a few years before moving into creative work full time in 2010. When not culling and editing photos or burying himself in code, you’ll likely find him hanging out with his band Hoist or working on a vintage electric piano. He organizes clothes by colour and denim by wash, and will someday write a book on cable management.

Right now he's loving the sounds of Wilco, Drake, Lights and K-OS.

Brad Cerasani


The Boss

Panda arrived on exchange from Japan in 2008 and now happily calls Winnipeg home. Due a brief quarrel with Brad’s dog T-Pain in late 2009, Panda permanently wears a Spiderman Band-Aid adjacent to his right ear to keep himself round and awesome. If asked politely, Panda can teach you how to dougie.

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